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Our Method:
Behavior Design

Direct from Stanford's Behavior Design Lab:
A proven system to effectively design for positive, lasting change.

Better Results — Faster


Remove guesswork and decisions based on intuition. Reach consensus in a way that cuts hierarchy, creates inclusion and psychological safety while giving you loads of time back.

Fun Presentation


Our exclusive approach is different from others in the behavioral design space. It’s a practical and game changing method for creating programs and services.


Methodically select, design and test the right behaviors so you don’t waste time and resources on the wrong things — all in one afternoon.

Plan & Vision

Save Time & Money

Eliminate Groupthink

 Encourages diversity of thought and creativity which leads to greater ownership and commitment and a 26% increase in determining which projects will have the most success.

(J.M. Berg 2016)

Improve Accuracy

 Combines divergent and convergent thinking to increase accuracy in the creation and selection of ideas by 14%.

(J.M. Berg 2016)

Magnifying Glass

Increase Effectiveness

 Systematically accounts for both impact and feasibility.

It works to prevent false negatives, which squander opportunities and false positives which waste resources.

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Dr. BJ Fogg is the founding Director of the Behavior Design Lab at Stanford University, where he directs research and innovation that helps millions of people improve their lives. His seminal book, Persuasive Technology: Using Computers to Change What We Think and Do, about how computers can be designed to influence attitudes and behaviors, together with his early innovations, inspired an annual global academic conference on the topic. Heralded as a thought leader and a “New Guru You Should Know” by Fortune Magazine, his research and innovation has been cited over 20,000 times. BJ’s Stanford students have gone on to co-found Instagram, as well as launch a global movement focusing on “time well spent” and the Center for Humane Technology. BJ is also the New York Times bestselling author of Tiny Habits: The Small Changes That Change Everything.

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