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BD3 Press Kit

About BD3

We came together as procrastinators and ended up world-class experts in behavior.

BD3 Solutions is a Behavior Design™ consulting firm. We focus on guiding leaders and teams to engage all stakeholders to work together to design better programs and services that serve humanity. We help them do what they want to do better and faster.


Like many people these days, we met online. Instead of filling out profiles and posting selfies, we connected over our shared nerdiness when Stanford behavior scientist, Dr. BJ Fogg, hosted his 2020 book launch for New York Times Bestseller, Tiny Habits. We began working together to solve procrastination using his models and methods. (We solved it by the way!) We ended up studying and working with Dr. Fogg, becoming certified in his ground-breaking behavior change methods.

Across our careers, we've witnessed organizations, both big and small, spend thousands of dollars to try to reach business objectives only to fail. Why? They lack a system based on how human psychology really works, a process that makes change easier, and tools that don't rely on guesswork or faulty principles. We are exhausted by seeing organizations wasting financial and human capital by relying on guesswork or top-down decision-making that continually misses the mark.

Since 2020, rapidly changing business environments, the way consumers engage with companies, and the way people want to work confirm that business as usual no longer works. It's time for business un-usual. BD3 Solutions revolutionizes the way your teams work together, the way decisions are made and the way outcomes are realized.

Possible Episode Headlines

  • Adapting to Business UNusual: Embracing Change for Competitive Advantage

  • Designing for Success:The Superpowers of Behavior Design

  • From Meetings to Action: The Science of Swift Decision-Making

Logos and Headshots

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Suggested Interview Questions

1. Many teams struggle to work together - especially because employees are often given conflicting directives. Is there any hope besides firing all the crappy bosses? :)


We will share a process that assures all voices are heard and valued and that no one hogs the stage. Teams reach consensus in a way that cuts hierarchy, creates inclusion and psychological safety

Key takeaway: All voices are heard (even the crappy bosses!).

2. It takes most companies months or years to go from ideas to implementation. You say you can shorten that to one afternoon. What’s your secret? How do you do that in just a few hours?


We will share about our revolutionary, science-based system of Behavior Design™ that can help even the most diverse and disjointed of teams create consensus and work well together, so they are not stuck in meeting hell.


Key takeaway: Get out of meetings and into action.

3. How should companies decide which ideas to go with? Is there a formula, or is it just throwing stuff against a wall and seeing what sticks?


We share how our system generates more and better ideas and sorts them so that the most effective and most feasible ones rise to the top and create the most impact for their customers.


Key takeaway: Elevate effective, feasible ideas.

4. You challenge organizations to adopt better decision-making processes. How do you help them gain clarity when it comes to high-stakes decisions?


When the stakes are high, you cannot afford to waste time and resources on the wrong thing. We share how our method aligns authority and decision-making and removes guesswork.


Key takeaway: We revolutionize the way decisions are made.

5. Companies have been doing business the same way for a long time, why change from the tried, true, and traditional?


We explain how all the upheaval in the workplace recently and changes in how business is getting done, demand a new way of doing business. Consumers are interacting with companies in a myriad of new ways and those same companies want to maximize their reach and engagement. The companies that succeed in pivoting now will have a leading-edge/competitive advantage going forward.


Key takeaway: Business UNusual is the new business AS usual

6. Companies want engaging products and services. What should designers do first when creating a program or service that customers love to use again and again?


We’ll talk about the superpowers that the maxims of Behavior Design give to companies and the people they serve.


Key takeaway: Help people do what they want to do and feel successful.

Our Team

BD3 Partners

Andy Close-1.jpg

Andrea Spyros

Andrea Spyros works with organizations to retain their best employees and build a culture of resilience and well-being because leaders need to be well to lead well. She brings the full range of her expertise to clients like Egencia, Pepsi and Thrive Global. Andrea partners with Dr. Shabnam Das Kar hosting The Brain Podcast to bring a practical, holistic approach and actionable insights so leaders can think more clearly, have more energy and prevent dementia. In her forthcoming podcast, Breaking Travel, she shares the secrets to designing products and services customers love to use and systems that truly empower teams to shine. When she’s not standing on a stage she’s probably dropping the needle on some vinyl and looking for the next great band. (She’s all in for concerts, but you won’t find her at Burning Man.)

Nancy Close-1.jpg

Nancy DeFina

Nancy DeFina is a Behavior Design™ specialist who works with organizations that want to empower people in making positive and lasting change. With a background and degrees in Museology and Non-Profit Administration, Nancy understands the importance of optimizing for success when making decisions: organizations with limited resources cannot afford missteps. But wasting time, money and energy on bad ideas doesn’t serve any organization. Trained by Dr. BJ Fogg, founder of the Stanford Behavior Design Lab, Nancy employs his scientific models and methods to systematically select, design, and test the right behaviors so businesses can gain clarity and focus on what matters most. When not leading teams in Behavior Design,™ you can find Nancy in the dance studio endlessly rehearsing for her next tap performance or out on the trail, running her daily 5k.

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