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Master scientifically-proven techniques to form new habits fast.

Stay focused and be

more productive.

Feel like you've finally got your act together and stop judging yourself.

Wouldn't it be great if...

  • Your bills were paid consistently

  • Your resume was updated

  • You got your side hustle going

  • You worked out regularly

  • You finished your project ahead of the deadline

  • You finally read all those books on your nightstand

Young Businesswoman

More importantly...

What if you could finally STOP JUDGING YOURSELF for all those tasks piling up on your desk, around your home, and in your mind?


YEAH! We thought so, too!

That's why we created 

Untangle Procrastination

that is super science-based and good.

Untangle Procrastination

uses a science-backed system from the Stanford Behavior Design Lab that shows you how to master techniques to change your behavior once and for all, based on how human behavior really works.

It is not another app or time management tool. There's no tracking or journaling required!  You will learn the most effective tools for change and be able to rely on your own brain to overcome procrastination. More importantly, you will feel great and be more productive!

Meet the Experts

Nancy Close-2.jpg


Work-from-home entrepreneur and former

*Master Procrastinator

Nancy's first career in non-profits was pretty non-profitable, so she became a solo-preneur. It's amazing how loud the siren call of procrastination can be when you're left to your own devices. After building a multi-million dollar business, she's overcome procrastination and is ready to share what she's learned.

Andy Close-2.jpg


Speaker, consultant, and former boutique owner with multiple venues to procrastinate

Andrea has loads of impressive credentials, but wouldn't want to create a distraction by posting them all here.  Besides she's far too modest to mention the Fortune 500 companies she worked with or the Hollywood stars who shopped in her store.


Strategies to help you reframe and release what's keeping you stuck.

Resources to help you get started on the tasks you've been putting off.


Approaches to keep you focused and productive along the way.


In Untangle Procrastination you'll get:

You'll get:

  • Untangle Procrastination Workbook

  • Untangle Procrastination Intervention Technique Toolkit

  • BONUS How to Untangle Procrastination video



Untangle Procrastination™

Total Package

Untangle Procrastination™


You'll learn:

  • How to get out of the Procrastination Cycle.

  • The 3 Hidden Knots that are tangling you up.

  • The Tiny Habit method to form new productive habits.



Untangle Procrastination™

Intervention Technique Toolkit

You'll get:

  • Strategies to help you unlock what's keeping you from taking action.

  • Resources to help you get started on the tasks you've been putting off.

  • Approaches to keep you focused and productive along the way.



Stop Procrastinating!
Get our FREE Top 10 Tiny Habits® digital download!

Untangle TM banner.png
With Special Thanks
Screen Shot 2021-06-22 at 10.32_edited.j


Master of the Dark Arts

of procrastination

and podcaster



Former Gold Medalist

of "I'll do it tomorrow"

and avid swimmer

Screen Shot 2021-06-22 at 10.38_edited.j


Implementation Project Manager with a previous knack for putting things off

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